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Mobile usage is exploding right now so a consistent mobile, tablet and desktop website experience needs to be considered.

A “Responsive” or "Mobile Friendly" website design means that a website has been programmed so that the content and structure of the site automatically resizes to the most user friendly format for the device it is viewing on.

Basically it stops you having to scroll around the screen and zoom in and out when using a smart phone or tablet, reworking the layout so that text is easily read and viewed.

Some companies have separate websites specifically designed for mobile phones and mobile tablet users, this can work well for certain situations but it also means you may need separate domain names for each website and could result in watered down Google Rankings if not set up properly.

The advantages of a Responsive Website is that you only need to optimize and advertise one domain name, that your website is cross-device ensuring more consistent branding of your business and that you only need to make updates to your site content once.

Get your site “Responsive” by April 21st when Google intends to improve their search ranking results to favour mobile-friendly websites and ensure you are attracting mobile traffic to your website.

If your not sure if your site is mobile friendly you can test it on the Google Developers page here Or contact us and we can get your site mobile friendly.